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mari membuat bunga rampai.. haha
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mari membuat bunga

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Sunday, 11-Feb-2007 06:19
Majlis Pertunangan Aida Anuwi & Ariff Nor Salamon
Date: 10 February 2007 (Saturday Night)
Time: After Isya' (Approx 9.15pm)
Venue: Tn Hj Anuwi's House (16, Jalan AU 3/25, Ampang Hulu Kelang)

Alhamdulillah.. Praise to ALLAH.. with His blessings, Ariff and I were engaged last night. The ceremony was huge. I didn't expect that.

Special thanks to both families who dedicated their time and commitment towards the big day (of course la big.. once in the whole life..)...

Credits to my beloved school teachers back in AU Keramat... (Pn Hjh Bahiyah, Pn Hjh Saadiah, Pn Hjh Zuriyati, Pn Rehan and En Yusri) You guys did very (extremely) good job with the house decorations, hantaran, door gifts and of course (director of the engagement video) & photographs.. hehe

Thanks to all my friends who attended the ceremony... (CBNers - ainil, rina, yus, najwa, nad, amirah) & Melbournians (nazira, fenella, dayen & cousin)...

Thanks also to my neighbours and last but not least all my pak cik & mak cik & cousins..

Without you guys ... I dont think the ceremony went that well and meriah smpai mcm tu skali...

ouh lupe plak.. credits to kak ija (the caterer) many said that the food was great.. yummy...

wut eva it is.. alhamdulillah.. i dh selamat jd tunangan org.. so guys, do pray for my happiness... I'm so sorry for any wrongdoings.. halalkn makan, minum, kasih syg korg to me , ilmu, & ape2 la yg leh terhutang mane2 k...

InsyaALLAH bile nk nikah nnt i'll jemput as many as I could ok?

Take care ppl..
Lots of luv
Down Under

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